From generic mechanics to producing complex studio and transmission equipment, OB-vans and custom-made studio outfitting, all the work we do is performed in-house. With our two spacious manufacturing facilities and our project-related production, electronics, carpentry and mechanical departments, we can respond almost instantaneously to our customers' requests.



Once the design and construction phases of all the components of your new system are completed, the assembly and installation can begin. Whether at the studio or in the OB-van, our technicians will take care of all your requests until the very last minute. If you still have any requests for changes or new ideas at the end of a project, we will make sure it is completed to your full satisfaction.


The fiber-optic technology department is our final production area, which makes us a complete service provider. The use of this special type of data transmission is gaining a lot of popularity given that this technology can transmit large amounts of data over long distances. Our expertise in this area ranges from cable assembly to multiplexer applications to self-developed splice boxes.


Our electrical and electronics department designs and builds custom systems for your production environment. Nothing is too difficult for us: Building electric control cabinets, switching devices, special PCBs, relays, custom operating devices, networks, and microcontroller applications represent only a small part of our portfolio.


Having our own carpentry enables us to manufacture a wide range of interior furnishings for your studio or OB-van, all under one roof. Our skills range from building shelves to special doors, complex climate control ceilings and individually customized and ergonomically designed worktables that exceed our customer’s requests and expectations.


Our mechanics department takes care of anything that has to do with metal work, such as motor vehicle adaptations and 19’’ racks for your equipment room to complex monitor wall or table designs, right up to ultralight mechanical structures for your OB-van. Our extensive inventory of machines such as the simple workbench to the CNC machines, enable us to complete our customer’s special needs.


Do you have questions or need individual advice? We are happy to help you with any requests.