Our experience in system integration has shown that some problems cannot be solved with standard solutions, despite the large variety of offers. That’s why our engineers and technicians develop project-specific solutions from scratch – from schematics and layout of printed circuit boards to ready-to-use equipment.


Exceptional technology requires adequate ‘housing’, and outstanding work results are created in a suitable ambience. It is our goal to create and develop architectural concepts and to design work spaces with the right infrastructure for our customers. Our team of architects, studio designers, acoustics engineers, lighting designers and specialist planners for building technology and energy supply are here to bring our customer’s vision to life.


At the end of each assembly phase, we meticulously test the system and initiate operation, usually together with our clients and their operations personnel. We value in-depth training and a thorough introduction to all the system components and their interaction, forming the ideal foundation for seamless operations.


Do you have questions or need individual advice? We are happy to help you with any requests.